User Experience  |  Product Design  |  Information Architecture 

During my time at Hayneedle I was a lead product designer on several company initiatives.

Working cross-functionally with various parts of the business. Creating wireframes, prototypes, user testing, and final product design.

Projects include the redesign of their homepage, product page, style gallery, navigation, and the Holiday shop for 2013-2015. 

CREDITS: Chad Davis, Jillian Kurz, Brian Sullivan, and the Hayneedle Marketing team

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Navigation IA

Hayneedle.com started from a niche platform where they had over 150 niche specific sites and over a million products. In 2013 they decided to shut down all of their niche sites and bring it all under the Hayneedle brand. One of the first bit undertakings was the restructure of navigation. After months of research, user interviews, and A/B testing we found that breaking it down by category and room allowed users to find what they were looking for faster. 


Product Page & Cart

Purchasing something like furniture online comes with a lot of trust from the customer. To provide them with the information they needed we designed the product page to be flexible and account for a lot of information and photos. We also found that sales increased when we moved the add to cart from the right to the site. Saving the right side for product information and details. 

We also experimented with how the cart and checkout would function. Testing it with versions that combined the two and ultimately making the cart the focus and brining checkout inside of that.  


Homepage Redesign

A lot of customers would end up on Hayneedle.com via a google search for a specific product. When redesigning the site we wanted to drive more traffic into the homepage and in return landing new customers. One of the needs from the company was to provide a slider that not only showcased our beautiful photography but would also allow a focus on specific categories that were popular for that season.